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January 12, 2012
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One day England was doing magic when he turned himself into a sexy green dinosaur. France thought this was so awesome that he raped England and England ripped his throat out. Prussia and Spain were cross with England and cut his little T-Rex arms off, then America decided to be the hero and threw his secret McDonald's bomb at all three of them, turning them all into sexy female hamburgers.

But then Russia stole the hamburgers and raped them so America went over to his place and after making out in a long and graphic description they started hitting each other with Linkin Park CDs. While they were busy, China babbled sagely oriental nonsense, aru, and turned the hamburgers back into nations, but Spain turned out to be having Russia's baby, which was actually France reincarnated as a rabbit called Kevin.

France puked a rainbow which turned Italy into a zombie because the author didn't like Italy and so a rainbow zombie plague spread all over the planet, while Russia and America were still making out graphically and hitting each other with Linkin Park CDs. Germany was so sad and he realised he'd done so much wrong so he made out graphically with Prussia and vowed to do nothing but pet little kittens and be zookeeper for ever more.

Meanwhile, the other nations had to cope with the rainbow zombie plague. Austria, Egypt, Australia, Cuba, Turkey and Bulgaria all got infected for the same reason as Italy and Belgium, Canada, Seychelles, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and the Baltics died gorily because they were wet and boring.

Then Norway tried to reverse England's spell so that none of it had ever happened but actually made things worse because instead he turned himself into a tomato and Romano ate him. Denmark and Iceland were understandably cross with Romano, so they put him in a maid costume and made him sweep the floor with a cabbage leaf.

None of this was stopping the rainbow zombie plague, so to do something about it Japan raped Sealand and France. For some reason this made Finland snap completely and he went out and killed Sweden with an old bra. England realised the situation was getting drastic so he managed to kill Finland with his cooking, but the zombies were for some reason really attracted to the food and England would have been doomed if Poland and Netherlands hadn't come along in nothing but tight-fitting leather trousers with chainsaws and killed some of the zombies. Then they all escaped and Hungary ate a rock while she and Poland did dirty dancing to an obscure Gothic band that no one else had ever heard of and eventually made out graphically behind a lamp post.

Meanwhile, because you have to have OCs to make true crack, Ireland, North Korea and Antartica Raven Eclipse Sonata Rainbow sat drinking milkshakes in a café and all vowed never again to play football with penguins. Elsewhere, Russia and America were still making out graphically and hitting each other with Linkin Park CDs.

Meanwhile, South Korea had a karaoke party but unfortunately it was invaded by the rainbow zombies and Hong Kong, and Vietnam were gorily killed by zombie-Kumajiro (gotta love zombie-Kumajiro), but the others escaped and Taiwand and Thailand ate tulips under a sausage while Japan and South Korea made out graphically in a gazebo.

After that Greece fell asleep on a bowl of cornflakes, Romania massacred some geese and Switzerland was killed when he stubbed his toe on a bar of soap, which was really tragic. Meanwhile, it turned out that Germany was actually Hanatamago's brother's long-lost aunt. While this was going on, Belarus and Sealand fell in love and had a baby hedgehog.

With the zombies advancing on their secret base that everyone knew about, all the remaining nations decided that they needed to take drastic measures so they all glooped into a huge sparkly ping-pong ball and sent out a rainbow awesome drastic emergency nation SOS, which could possibly have ripped the universe apart and destroyed reality, Flying Mint Bunny and the entire chain of McDonald's, but luckily (unluckily probably when it came to McDonald's) it didn't.

Unfortunately, though, it fatally injured the nations and they lay in the ruins of the New York subway, taking far too long to die dramatically. What it did do was alert America and Russia, who came out in their true forms – THE TWIN PINK FLUFFY FANGED HAMSTERS, GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH!!!

In a trice, they'd used their amazing radioactive pizza rays to obliterate the zombies completely. England's spell got reversed, the world's Mickey Mouse statues all fell over, and the nations all came back to life! The world was back to normal, and fortunately no one remembered this grotesque, cracky adventure.
EDIT: Lordy, guys! This is the most popular thing my gallery and it hardly took me any effort at all! How did I manage that? XD
(You've read this kind of thing before, I know. I'm not cross or anything, just glad you're enjoying it :) Do feel free to take a look at my other stuff, but it's not an order ;))

OMG mi ferts fanfik! im, sooooooooo prowd!

Moar Hetalia and some LOLness. Wrote this after reading too much crack (read with a 'p' sound at the end) one night. OMG, stop the crack, guys, really.

Well, this has to be the ultimate APH fanfic (of the crack kind). It's got everything: overdramatic character death, gore, zombies, tomatoes, a threat to the planet, making out graphically, crach pairings, mpreg (I HATE MPREG!... sorry. I r biology nerd...rant over...), reincarnation, rainbows, scary revelations, maid costumes, leather trousers, and cornflakes.

Yup, you HAVE to have cornflakes. sry, u just hav 2. I luv dem mi favrit paring iz Russia X cornflakes.

So...yeah haven't submitted yet this year, so have this madness. I hope it is actually funny.

*If you are insulted by this, I didn't mean it*
*If it reminds you of your fanfic, I seriously recommend you do some revising...*

Gotta love rainbow zombie kumajiro.

If you fave, a comment would be appreciated.
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I'm so confused,but great job! Made me laugh!
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Hetalia on crack is the best kind of Hetalia.
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trystaa Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have actually never read a crack, and I didn't read the description before, so the whole time I'm like
oh my Doitsu 
this is so weird,
but beautiful with its randomness at the same time
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